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Creativity that’s widely Appreciated. Costs that are rapidly Depreciated.

Carver Digital Creative Services
Every client has budget responsibilities, but If ROI performance is clear, expenditures become wise investments.
So for us, the focus is on results. Our solutions are value based. Our strategies are long term and our implementations are modular
to facilitate investment control, market condition adjustment and measurement of return.

Monbusi Premium F&B Sales
Monbusi holds exclusive SE Asian rights for the premium F&B products it imports, offering EX-bonded pricing to regional distributors,
wholesale pricing to licensed ACRA companies and retail pricing to Singapore’s discriminating consumers.
Orders can be placed via phone/email/SMS. On-line retail order/fulfillment in Singapore is currently in development.
Retail pricing is available here/below. Please contract us for wholesale and bonded order pricing and details.

© 2015 Douglas Carver – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED for ALL CONTENT

Photography is our profession, not our hobby. We conduct business based on the international practice of two-part billing: production and usage. The photography fee covers the cost of creating images to your specification. The usage fee is the unavoidable additional cost to use those images. Automobiles offer a simple analogy. If you want to go somewhere (create images) you need two essentials: an automobile (photographs) and gasoline (the right to use those images). Every time you use your car, you incur charges based on distance and frequency. We can’t allow you to ride for free, but we’ll ensure that you arrive in a timely and stylish fashion.

Advance written permission is required for all usage of any site content, including but not limited to any concepts, text, photography, video or design. Douglas Carver / Carver Digital always retains the © for the work it creates. Client payments are for the creation and production of past/current works. All usage will incur separate/additional fees based upon media and duration, as per international industry/copyright standards. Douglas Carver / Carver Digital does not bid or perform “work-for-hire”.

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