Inner Passions

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Outside inspirations fuel my inner passions. These people have sparked me…

Natsumi Hayashi – The freshness of her vision excites my eyes
Loretta Lux – Captivating, riveting, haunting and inspirational
Arthur Elgort – A man with a warm heart and sharp eye who validated that boundaries are unnecessary- any camera… Anytime… Anyplace
Irving Penn – Passion, dedication, consideration, interpretation, experimentation<br/>and a truly supreme level of craft
Paul Christensen – An artist, a craftsman, a mentor, a partner and a most amazing friend
Helmut Newton – A visionary trailblazer of kinky elegance, creatively rebellious and faithfully married
Phiippe Halsman – A legendary old-school portrait craftsman with a sharp eye and a soft manner
Guy Bourdin – Where kinky meets chroma
Diane Arbus – A true independent way ahead of her times, unwaveringly true to her own darker vision

Stanley Kubrick – He seems to be on everyone’s short list and with good reason
Federico Fellini – 8-1/2 was a 10
Donn Pennebaker – A revolutionary visionary

Johnny Hartman – The silkiest male voice I’ve ever heard
Alberta Hunter – A survivor with inexhaustible perseverance, self-nurtured talent and a sense of humor
Andreas Vollenweider – He took an esoteric outsider (the harp) and gave it a fresh contemporary presence

George Balanchine – A mischievous swashbuckler who was a mid-air meeting of classical & modern dance
Jerry Robbins – A fiercely focused but generous man, young in spirit and warm in heart

Mom & Dad – Corny but true: they provided a stable and nurturing environment of opportunities
John P Humes – An old school gentleman, a delightful paradox of understated yet over-the-top

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